Saturday, December 1, 2012

4.20 bar dark chocolate + popping candy !

Mm I've had this once before and it was soo delicious!

It says 6 servings per bar with 4.2 grams of dried cannabis, dark choc, popping candy, and com syrup. .

At $20 it's pricey but soo delicious and strong. I never buy the milk choc or toffee (has nuts) because of this reason, but today I saw it was the last one there in stock. Had to get it :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Larry OG & Blue Dream Clones

Decided to buy some today -- 3 and 3 of each.. didn't get a picture :(

Found the coolest place to get more in LA and I am excited.

My top faves that I'm going to try are --

Blue Dream
Green Crack
Northern Lights
Sour Diesel

and I got Larry OG !

Sunday, October 28, 2012

15 strain Halloween super blunt party!

So me and my friends celebrated Halloween a little differently ..

Two of my friends just got club cards so we've been busy getting our new patient freebies, out and about.

Today we combined our haul and decided to all smoke a 15 strain mix in a cyclone sugar cane blunt.

It tasted, EPIC, deep, SMOOTH, magic, slightly bitter, with a taste of 'purple'

Very clear high and we all got the munchies after..

*SHARE/Like/Comment please.. you know you wish you were here to experience this epicness! :)

List of meds -- will do some detailed reviews on some of these later

1. Monkeyballs (Indica)
2. Purple Diesel (Indica)
3. Mango
4. Sour diesel (Sativa Dom)
5. Sugar Daddy (indica)
6. Dairy Queen (Sativa)
7. Banana Kush (sativa)
8. Atmosphere (hydroponic indica)
9. Jack the Ripper (90% Indica, 10% Sativa)
10. Casey Wreck (90% Sativa, 10% Indica)
11. MJ
12. Banana Dream (Sativa)
13. Pineapple Express
14. OG
15. ? Cannot see in pic!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sour Double OG

This is one of my wife's favorite. After she broke her foot I took her to get some medicine.
On the way back my wife started yelling in the car, "It's just like popcorn, feel it just like popcorn"

Superman (Blue Sugar)

This is the Superman!! AKA Blue Sugar
It is a strong sativa that's related to Blue Dream.

Woke up today and got breakfast with some of my Blue Dream, I followed it up with this strain to compare!

This new dispensary that just opened up told me that if I love Blue Dream (yes, I do!) I should definitely try this -- "it's like Blue Dream on steroids!" so I purchased a gram for $15. Regular price would've been $20 for a gram but I was making a big purchase so I got a discount.

It smells like Blue Dream but it gives me more of a sleepy effect, it must have more CBNs.

Verdict: C    --- not loving it, makes me slow and sleepy. . not a Blue Dream-like effect at all except maybe the auditory effects -- the TV sounds really clear and I can understand what's going on with little effort. I guess this crop wasn't that great after all, I would still be open to trying this strain again from somewhere else.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Chewba Chew

An evening snack.......... more to come

AMAZING!!!!------ These hit me almost instantly!
It's a great sativa high for a boost of energy. 

Plethora of Green

Earlier this week i saw this....... I like to have a selection and it goes fast because of my tolerance.

My favorites out of these were:

Sour Double OG -- an amazing sativa I picked up from a dispensary in Hillcrest, San Diego ... I was accosted by two suspicious-types on the street outside and they begged me to purchase greens for them but I was like - - - NO!?  Unfortunately I was on crutches and I couldn't maneuver around them very easily I was stuck for a few min . . .

Grand Daddy Blueberry -- a nice mix between Grand Daddy and Blueberry .. amazing indica that didn't make me stupid but still gave me great relief from my body aches

HATED -- Cali O from a delivery service. Weak, and useless. 
Luckily they have a great exchange policy (3 per customer) and I got another strain from them instead. 

Have you guys tried any of these before???

Blue Dream!!!

This is one of my personal favorites! It is a sativa dominant (80%sativa/20%indica) strain, great for the day time! Unfortunately this batch i bought had some seeds in it :( Regardless picking around the seeds was worth it, it fills my day time with bliss :)

I love listening to music on Blue Dream. I can hear every beat of the trance / dubstep / jpop  / kpop (GANGNAM STYLE) /whatev and it's such an amazing experience -- almost like I'm at a mini concert the bass rocks my body and the sparkles of the electronic beats sizzle my mind. Great experiences getting driven around, out to dinner, amazing times.


Welcome !

I wanted to chronicle my journey with Medical Marijuana as I just got my card a few months ago.

I'm always discovering great new strains, deals, and fun items at the dispensaries!

I live in the wonderfully sunny San Diego county and I'm lucky enough to get Medical Marijuana and edibles delivered straight to my door! I also live around many dispensaries.

I was able to really experience the wonderful convenience of delivery services this month because I broke my leg and I haven't been able to work or go out easily.

It's really helped the ease of my recovery process.