Saturday, October 27, 2012

Superman (Blue Sugar)

This is the Superman!! AKA Blue Sugar
It is a strong sativa that's related to Blue Dream.

Woke up today and got breakfast with some of my Blue Dream, I followed it up with this strain to compare!

This new dispensary that just opened up told me that if I love Blue Dream (yes, I do!) I should definitely try this -- "it's like Blue Dream on steroids!" so I purchased a gram for $15. Regular price would've been $20 for a gram but I was making a big purchase so I got a discount.

It smells like Blue Dream but it gives me more of a sleepy effect, it must have more CBNs.

Verdict: C    --- not loving it, makes me slow and sleepy. . not a Blue Dream-like effect at all except maybe the auditory effects -- the TV sounds really clear and I can understand what's going on with little effort. I guess this crop wasn't that great after all, I would still be open to trying this strain again from somewhere else.

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